What: Decrypt brings together a network of creators (startups), catalysts (contractors) and citizens (community member), each with their own value and reward system.

Decrypt provides startups and creators the resources needed to succeed. Resources include development talent, legal compliance, marketing support, and other services.

Decrypt provides community members financial opportunities to support innovative ideas. Members are rewarded for identifying and spotting successful projects.

Decrypt provides contract workers liquid financial incentives to help build amazing products.These contractors are rewarded for their services and efforts.

Who: Decrypt is a collective network of creators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries launching ideas into reality. The network is separated into creators, catalyst, and citizens.

Creators include startup teams and entrepreneurs that are the originator of an idea or vision.

Catalysts include talented individuals or agencies that support projects with marketing, development, advising, etc

Citizens include cryptocurrency or blockchain enthusiasts that help identify and support high-potential projects

Why: Current economic and collaborative systems don’t support the potential that distributed ledger technology enables.

Economic: Current economic models operate in an equity system where founders exchange a large portion of their company for capital. In the current cryptocurrency system, equity models are counter-intuitive to progress and do not allow the increased liquidity that digital assets enable.

Collaboration: Current collaboration models focus on centralized communication efforts through physical work environments and 9-5 business hours. The transition to more open-sourced projects increases the value and usefulness of remote workers and need for connected talented.

How: Decrypt does this by offering two ecosystems within the Decrypt Network: The Domain and the District

The Domain connects creators with talented individuals and resources to succeed. If the project succeeds, the network and community earns dividends.

The District connects creators with a community of supporters. If these supporters vote for a project, the project earns resources to build their vision.

Mission: To accelerate innovation for the decentralized world.